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Semester 4: Master Thesis

The Master thesis will be undertaken by each student individually and supervised jointly by staff from two of the partner universities: either from RU and CU, or RU and BTH (depending on the track followed).

The thesis will constitute a major piece of research-based written work, of a maximum 20000 words, examining key practical and theoretical issues in European spatial planning, environmental policy and regional development.


Master thesis (30 ECs)

The aim of the Master thesis research is to give each student the opportunity to pursue in greater depth a chosen subject or topic in the field.

The objectives of the Master thesis research are as follows:

  • to formulate a challenging, but manageable, research question (or questions);
  • to critically evaluate the published research within the subject area;
  • to develop a theoretical framework suitable to guide the analysis;
  • to use a research methodology and research methods suitable to answering the identified research questions; 
  • to undertake a piece of research which is based upon primary (i.e. data collected by the student) and/or secondary data (i.e. data already published or collected by a third party);
  • to provide a sound analysis of the selected subject and draw appropriate conclusions relevant to practice and/or policy; and
  • to achieve a competent standard at a postgraduate level in the presentation of written and illustrative material in the work that is submitted.

In terms of learning outcomes, on completion of the course the student will be able to:  

  • independently effect a qualified academic investigation work; 
  • systematically seek, examine, assess, interpret and put together relevant scientific and professional knowledge, which is relevant to the subject field, into a thesis; 
  • critically assess one’s own research achievement and the analysis methods and the theory formation that the project work is based upon; and 
  • master the subject field at a qualified scientific and professional level.