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Semester 3: European spatial planning: putting theory into practice

The aim of semester 3, “European spatial planning: putting theory into practice” is twofold: one, to provide students with the opportunity to gain experience with professional practice, and by doing so allow them to reflect on the theory-practice interface (26 ECs); and two, to offer a period of reflection and consolidation of acquired skills and experiences through a two-weeks Intensive Seminar (4 ECs) at the end of semester 3. Semester 3 thus complements the academic education of the first year of the programme with more practical experience and prepares students for the Master thesis in semester 4. 


Professional development module (30 ECs)

This professional development module links the experiences that students have gained during their first year of Masters education with the real-life situation and professional practice of spatial and environmental planners in Europe. It is thus a combination of academic study and practical work experience with a public or private organisation or NGO. The professional work experience is accompanied and supervised by an academic programme, which prompts students to critically reflect on their academic education from a practical perspective as well as to consider professional work through an academic and theoretical lens. The professional development module is an integral part of the academic education of students participating in this programme, while at the same time preparing the student also for a career in planning practice.

The advantage of linking academic planning education to planning practice in such a way is that the student can in parallel follow academic modules and gain practical work experience. This allows for academic insights to be applied to planning practice, and gives opportunity for reflection on both science as well as practice. The advantage for the participating organisations is that they can temporarily employ motivated students, engage in an academic reflection on their professional work, and get to know potential future employees.