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Ruby Yu Rung Jeng (Taiwan)

"While studying landscape architecture in my bachelor, I realized that the more environmental issues I know, the more knowledge I want to obtain, and the more efforts I want to do to protect our environment. To me, spatial planning is a constant pursue between sustainability and functionality. It can shape the world we live in, better the global environment as well as improve living quality. In PLANET Europe programme, we can acquire various aspects of knowledge about spatial planning, such as policies, economy, and European planning strategies. Meanwhile, in this program, our classmates come from all over the world, so we can gain a great diverse of perspectives and ideas from each other. It’s always interesting to hear people from different countries sharing their opinions based on what they experience in their countries. In addition, the most fantastic part of the program to me is putting theory into practice in the third semester. Students can make good use of what they have learned to work with a public or private organization or NGO.

In this global village, we should broaden our horizons to absorb various information all over the world. With the international master programme, PLANET Europe provides a golden opportunity for us to understand spatial planning completely not only in academic studies but also in practical exercises."