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Reem Barakat (Palestine)

"My name is Reem Barakat. I'm a Palestinian from Jerusalem, I graduated with a BA major in Sociology, and since then I've been gradually growing a deep love for nature and environment.

 PLANET EUROPE program mainly got my interest because of the focus on Sustainable development in the second track, of which my previous humble experience in Permaculture closely relates to, and which I would like to develop a future career and lifestyle that also would relate to.

 The structure of the program is organized in a way that can offer us a great basis of knowledge on the European experience in the Spatial planning field which we can build on gradually; both theoretically & practically from the very first beginning until the end. I am hopeful about the idea  of utilizing this knowledge I will get as a tool to address sustainability issues in my own home country and be able to offer actual solutions to the issues faced there.  

  One month has already passed since I arrived here and I've already learned a lot through interacting with students, academics and social life in general which is very diverse and rich on all levels. I love traveling because it helps me grow in ways that are never possible while staying in just one place, the diversity of places offered through this program during these two years is amazingly fulfilling in this aspect.

I greatly look forward towards the coming two years with my fellow students, teachers and professors, and whoever I will meet along the way."