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Yiyun Sun (China)

"When I first knew this PLANET Europe program, I was attracted to it at once. This program not only provides a chance to study a two year master degree in 2 different country and university, but also grants scholarship to let me live in a foreign country without any burden. I feel so honored to be in a class with 20 classmates, coming from different parts of the world and with various backgrounds. We bring our own culture and experience, try to learn from each other and at same time become good friends.

Moreover, the curriculum itself is well organized and designed. Planning is always a comprehensive work that relevant subjects like environment, politics, economy and geography have an interactive effect. The PLANET Europe program aims to improve our abilities in all these aspects, which will benefit our future career. The courses here also emphasize the interactions between students and teachers by doing the group assignment and weekly tutorial. The coordinators and teachers here are also helpful. They are always at your back to answer your questions in time. Besides, to apply the knowledge to the practice, the internship on the 3rd term also helps students to improve their professional skills.

By learning and observing the useful experience from Europe, I hope I could do my best to contribute to Chinese city planning and let citizens there live a more livable life."