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Vanessa Develter (Canada)

"My interest in European Planning stems from my backpacking experience in 2015. After travelling, I realized what little knowledge I had about the European Union (EU), its policies and the present planning framework in various European countries. During my Bachelor, my passion resided in environmental protection and building sustainably so residents could ‘Age in Place’. I received my Bachelor degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Toronto, however my studies rarely focused on European planning. I came across the PLANET Europe program and felt that I could learn a lot about European planning, understand what constraints and major issues were present in several European countries, and add to my existing planning knowledge. The program is an excellent opportunity to broaden your knowledge and practical basis through the internship and simply studying with several international students.

The PLANET Europe program thus far has created a very positive environment to foster learning. I hope to expand my knowledge of sustainable development and learn how to think creatively to solve ‘wicked planning problems’. Throughout the program I hope to gain a strong European planning perspective which I can draw upon to better myself as a planning professional."