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Sindi Haxhija (Albania)

"I perceive PLANET Europe program, as a unique opportunity for city/regional planners, and other professionals related to this field of study. This, not only because of the structure of the program, which I find it amazing so far, but as well I have the opportunity, as a planner, to study in two different European countries, well known for their planning practices.

I am deeply convinced that urban planning start from a small scale related even to architecture in most cases and it goes further in a bigger scale connecting countries and in other cases even regions of a continent. The understanding of this fact made me realize that a master degree obtained in two different universities such as Radboud and Blekinge would help me to extend my knowledge and help me to better comprehend how EU cities and regions functions. As a student coming from a European country but which is not in the EU yet, I’ve always been intrigued by EU planning policies for territorial cohesion and what non-EU countries can do to go toward this. Studying in countries where planning has succeeded in every dimension, will help me to understand the main problems that other less successful countries have. I am sure that, each of the courses that will be taught during this master program will expand my knowledge and understanding about the European dimension of spatial planning and the role of EU policy and legislation for spatial planning and regional economic development.

I believe that the field-trips and internship experience, will be a great opportunity for all the students participating in this master program to develop themselves further professionally."