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Xeni Frenkcen (the Netherlands)

"My name is Xeni Frencken, twenty-five years old, studying at Radboud University in Nijmegen since september 2015. I'm a realist, raised by idealists and a strong believer in our ability to change the world and the way society works for the better, for generations to come. In this new globalised world I aspire to understand the bigger picture and macro dynamics from which I hope to work towards a sustainable society and economy, with equal chances for everyone. I think that, by including the relatively smaller, regional and local initiatives into a global macro approach, we can be (more) effective in creating a sustainable society and economy. This is what I hope to gain from the Planet Europe master’s programme. I am looking forward to discovering Europe while learning more about how it works, at the same time being able to reflect my own (different) thinking on the processes and projects we'll be working on."