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Zeinab Sattari N. (Iran)

"I have deliberately chosen most of my BA (Urban Planning) and MA (Urban Design) projects in different cities all around my home country (Iran) because as an urban designer and planner I am obliged to clarify policies and actions for any place in my country. This needs a clear insight about the target place. I believe that Going, Watching, Studying, and even Living in another culture and environment could not be replaced with library studies. In fact, I prefer to have a bright cognition map and perception feeling about somewhere that I am planning or designing for it.


My professional experience in official job leaded me to make decisions about projects all around Iran but it was not enough to be assumed as an expert in my job territory. Thus, this program is a great opportunity for me to learn how to study other cultures, policies and environments in different contexts and plan for them correctly with respect to the ENVIRONMENT that we are living in."