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Ludmila Girardi Alves (Brazil)

"My motivation to apply for the PLANET Europe Master’s programme was to live a lifetime experience learning from institutions with internationalization praises and cutting-edge research in the areas of sustainable spatial planning. This Master has a unique formation structure, which will allow me to participate actively on scientific research, deepening my knowledge of the European spatial organization, and to have the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge during the internship, working in an international environment and handling activities in different languages. For the next couple of years, I am looking forward to acquire deeper theoretical basis and to develop research skills using real case studies of the European space. I am interested on studying the potential of digital-based organization for sustainable spatial planning, learning how to compare realities on a global context. The experience so far in the lovely city of Nijmegen has confirmed the expectations to live in an innovative and high organized society, at the same time located in the most ancient province of the Netherlands. This is the perfect place and scenario to work hard in a very competent and cool environment, at the same time to have lots of fun along with people from various regions of the world, literally changing our perspectives! I'm very excited about the experience that lies ahead with the great support of the PLANET team, teachers and cohort 4 colleagues!"