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Le Tuong Vi Phan (Vietnam)

"I was born in Mekong Delta and have witnessed the climate change damaging the land badly. The problem worsens every day, even now. My ambition is to “create a better and sustainable urban development” as well as dealing with climate change, so this is the reason why I choose PLANET Europe Master program. I believe that the PE program will teach me to approach the issues from various angles from professional theory and practical skills, through the Professional development module (Internship semester). It will be a wonderful chance to apply theory into real life and see whether it will work.


“Spatial Planning” has, so far, different meanings from what I can understand and think about, however it seems more attractive and broadens my understanding about the field. Especially I have gained more knowledge about concepts, policies, planning and cooperation in the level of Member states and European Union. Moreover, being in Europe also will bring up opportunities for me to take part in a variation of workshops, field trips, summer courses, etc. through the program such as visiting the European Union or European Universities. Meeting and studying with friends and nice professors from different backgrounds in various countries are valuable opportunities for learning, exchanging ideas, knowledge, and experiences. I will cherish the moments I have and try my best to follow my dream."