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Jazmin Corrales (Nicaragua)

"Since I was studying my bachelor in architecture I wanted to specialize in spatial and urban planning and development, because I think this is the way how we, architects, can contribute to the development of our countries. I have been searching for a master program that included not only academic or theoretical knowledge, but also professional experience and the fact that Planet Europe is focused on both was a deep motivation for me to apply to the program.

Other thing that decided me to apply to Planet Europe was the desire to learn and understand the policies that European countries have been applying to become a unified and successful region and, maybe try to apply this knowledge in developing countries like mine.


I have big expectations on Planet Europe, on the one hand, I feel that after it accomplishment I would have improved my professional competences and I would have better and more opportunities in my career. On the other hand, sharing two years of my life with people from different countries, cultures and academic backgrounds will suppose a working and understanding challenge that would make me grow as a person."