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Ewout Dam (Netherlands)

"I am very excited about the Planet Europe programme. It is a great opportunity to learn about European Spatial Planning dimension, meet colleague students from all over the world, spend time abroad and develop myself professionally. I decided to join this programme because I am very interested in our future challenges, which I think are on a level which surpasses the national. Climate change, economic growth and peace are a few of these important challenges which cannot be tackled on the national level only. Many of these future problems have spatial implications on different scales, from the world and European to a regional level. I am interested in the causes and complicated nature of these questions. This programme will certainly help me to get a better understanding of the way some of these problems are (but also are not or wrongly) being tackled on a European scale. A great advantage of this programme is that I will not only learn from the courses, but also from international colleague students.

Exchanging and combining views from different parts of the world is one of the most interesting aspects of this programme for me. Moreover I think this is crucial for a better understanding of the challenges we will face in the coming decades. I am also very much looking forward to the professional development module next year. This is where academic experience and knowledge need to be translated into real world practice. This is a new and interesting challenge for me, which will be a great experience."