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Essa Bataineh (Jordan)

"This program has been above and beyond my expectations so far, I’m really happy that I made the right choice by coming here. 

As a student from the Middle East, PLANET Europe program will not only allow me to learn about the European spatial planning and experience European culture by intimately interacting with people and professionals, but also by sharing the routine day-to-day experiences. It’s been almost a month here so far and I’m already able to get a taste of what that would be like. I now know from experience that it is the best way to gain perspective and genuinely appreciate what it is like walk in foreign shoes. This opportunity allows me to utilize the theoretical architectural background I have acquired, and expand this knowledge with a greater understanding of the cultural and political framework of Europe. In an academic atmosphere, with the ability to freely exchange ideas under an umbrella of academic integrity and intellectual freedom, I will develop a more sophisticated perspective as a participant in this program."