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Cyrielle Noel (Canada)

"I decided to apply for the Planet Europe Masters after completing my Bachelors degree in International Development Studies with a concentration in Agriculture and Environmental Resources at McGill University. My education thus far has equipped me with a solid knowledge base on urban planning concerns relevant to the North American and Caribbean context. Planet Europe is a unique opportunity for me to broaden my horizons -both figuratively and literally, by being fully immersed in European culture, while learning about the spatial planning concerns relevant to this context.

I enjoy the interdisciplinary style education and to the prospect of collaborating with students, professors and professionals from various academic and national backgrounds. During my undergraduate studies I was fortunate to complete two field study semesters, and found them to be enriching experiences on many levels. I am therefore, very grateful that the curriculum includes an internship module. It will surely be an invaluable contribution to my professional development, and a setting where I will be able to experience “life as a spatial planner”."