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Chang Xu (China)

"Studying in two different countries, the Netherlands and the UK, is really a tempting reason for me to join this program at beginning. However, when I indeed start my graduate life, I find more valuable things in this process. Firstly, there are many international students of such varying background in our class and it is interesting things to share perspectives, experiences and culture with others. It enables me to broaden my horizon and gives me more chance to learn about other culture deeply. What’s more, communication with classmates and professionals is an assist for me to deepen my understanding about policy in European Union. I can have a comprehensive thinking about the role of spatial planning and how it run in Europe. Besides, the interactive and opening mode of teaching is different from the way of my previous bachelor studying. Participating in group discussion provides us more ability to analysis and solve problem, which is essential quality for a will-be planner.


My bachelor major is landscape architecture and I just have some courses about urban planning. Although this program is not very match my previous major, the curriculum about cross-culture and cross-government cooperation and spatial planning is still appealing me, which, I think, can give me a deep understanding about how the planning policy act at a broader stage and stimulate the countries development. This knowledge can be used for reference when we tackle some issues in my country China. So I believe I will have an invaluable experience in the Netherlands as well as the UK."