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Simone Landucci (Italy)

"Expectation on the Planet Europe master programme:

I do have high expectation regarding the Planet Europe Master programme both in academic and professional terms.

 From the point of view of knowledge, since my academic background is pretty peculiar, I expect the courses to provide me with the basis of spatial planning and environmental sustainability I need, as well as a more specific insight on the EU situation. My goal is to develop efficient policies and strategies not only for Europe, but also for cooperation’s projects between EU and China.
From the professional point of view, I hope the field trips and the internship period will be opportunities to learn how the policy-making process works and the strategies to manage it. I expect the three universities to include us in their network of academic and institutional partners, providing us with useful connections for our future carrier. 

Impressions on the Planet Europe master programme so far:

After three weeks of lessons in Radboud University, the master presents a really theoretical approach to the theme of Spatial Planning which, even though highly interesting, can be difficulty applied to practical issues and professional projects.

The quantity of individual work is intense but not excessive, thus providing a stimulus and a good challenge.

Interesting the working group projects, which give the students the opportunity to focus on more practical situations [...]."

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