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Alexandru Matei (Romania)

My passion for urban planning and the processes taking place inside human settlements goes back more than ten years.  After working shortly in urban planning and European Projects both as an employee and as a freelancer, I decided to extend my knowledge inside an intense academic study programme.  

The PLANET Europe – European Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development master program at Radboud was for me a positive learning experience which combined high quality academic knowledge, critical thinking and an international environment. Radboud University offered as part of this programme both valuable courses, such as Comparative Planning and Institutional Perspectives, but also thorough organization.

Nijmegen and the Netherlands
Additionally, Nijmegen is a comfortable place to study which offers good public facilities and relaxing leisure areas. For me the most inspiring experiences here have been the blind tour (in the muZIEum) and the visit to the National Bike Museum Velorama.

It is also worth mentioning that for an urban planner and/or architect, the Netherlands is a continuous learning place. Every city offers interesting urban solutions which wisely combine cycling infrastructure, creative architecture, modern public spaces and water management solutions.

Finally and most importantly, Radboud University will remain the place where I met my wonderful PLANET Europe colleagues, which will always have a special place in my heart.

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