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Daša Spasojevic (Serbia)

"I'm an architect and I have a feeling that something is missing when I ask questions about the space today. Spatial Planning is a dynamic structure, which will provide me with an insight into the different ways of how separate entities enter into the system. How do we govern 'places' in a world that is globalising and localising at the same time, and what does it mean for architecture? I want to understand the reasons for the development of different forms of association, new governances, multi-actor nets, in different scales. My goal is to find a position between, on the one hand the complexity of of institutions and governance that knit relational networks and engage in general issues of the planet of Europe, and on the other hand the complexity of an individual life. At the same time, I try to understand all of this with a group of people from around the world, representatives of diversity, which is the best method for learning dialogue, broadening vision and understanding this planet, which is increasingly growing, and rotating faster every day. We need to work on it."

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