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Johana Kafie (Honduras)

"Planet Europe is the kind of master’s program that is a dream to be a part of. For one part, it will be an academically intense, yet well-informed program, so that my chances of pursuing further studies after graduation or filling a higher-skilled job position in the area of city planning in my country or abroad will come easily. Higher education and research on subjects such as spatial planning and environment in the Netherlands and the UK is especially relevant and of a high quality. On the other hand, its international atmosphere serves precisely as the ideal environment in which a spatial planner would relish immersing in, and this program gives you both.  

I can’t yet outline what to expect from it, what I do know is that I will probably get much more; more content and a surplus of experiences that I could ever write here. Expect a strong theoretical curriculum, but at the same time, an array of practical experiences that only these European joint programs can provide you with; it infuses your whole education and unravels your mind with creative solutions. The mobility requirement will be quite exciting! Having to adapt to two cities will definitely be a challenge, yet I wouldn’t change it for anything as it will allow me to build an international network of professional contacts, meet even more people, visit new cities, new countries and in general, experience an international setting that could only help me to grow both professionally and personally. Honestly, I can’t wait for everything that the next years will bring!"

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