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Mahsa Shahsavarian (Iran)

"Right from the very first moment I got off the plane at Amsterdam airport, I realized that I have to face myself more than before. This experience was new for me and led me to know myself better. It has shed light on my strengths and weaknesses as I have to get involved with new experiences and live and work with new people from different cultural and professional backgrounds. Now I can see the world much better since I can see it through the eyes of my friends from different part of the world. In addition, now I can better understand my country’s situation and its strength and weaknesses as well. This is what comparative planning has taught me. But the best achievement of my participation in the PLANET Europe, is perceiving different and often innovative approaches which different European regions and countries make to solve almost the same problems. The result of these variety and creativity is a sense of permanent hope to crossing challenges and a sense of belonging to the place you live... A sense that cause public participation in the planning."

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