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Bin Guan (China)

"During my previous 5-year bachelor and 3-year master programmes, I was involved in different kinds of practical projects and research on urban planning and design. They've hone my multidisciplinary skills in dealing with spatial issues while at the same time led me to question the role of planning and its justifiability. To seek the answers, I decided to go for further study in Europe and came across the Planet Europe programme. 

What attracts me most is the innovative curriculum of the programme. I've always believed that planning should be an integrated job which requires one to take into consideration the relevant economic, environmental and social aspects and to work together with people from different areas. The comprehensive courses and interactive teaching method provided by the programme is aimed at cultivating such qualities and abilities, which are very important for a qualified professional. 

Besides, studing in different countries and living with friends from different parts of the world is a wonderful expierience that allows me to have a better understanding of both the world and myself. I believe I'm ready to rise to all the challenges, and to embrace and make the most of the opportunities that the programme presents."

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