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Joan Wang (United States)

"My educational background in economics has equipped me with a solid skill set of critical thinking and quantitative analysis, which I will utilize to fully absorb everything PLANET Europe has to offer. I am broadly interested in urban environmental economics and sustainability. Specifically, I would like to devote my research to the intersections among food security, business development, and energy efficiency. For me, PLANET Europe is an extremely unique opportunity, as it combines both local and transnational resources and perspectives to give us a cutting-edge education in complex planning issues. This is what I need to tackle the following questions in my professional endeavors: What kinds of governance are effective in examining urban issues and instigating real changes? What are the different ways for community and business to collaboratively foster a more equitable, independent, and sustainable food system? How do we best promote efficient food and energy production and distribution amid rapid urbanization across various regional contexts?" 

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