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Ruxandra Aelenei (Romania)

"Searching for a Master Programme that would suit my professional background and my academic expectations, I came across Planet Europe. I immediately decided that, for many reasons, this programme is what I was looking for.First of all, it is organized by reputable universities from countries with an established tradition in spatial planning. Reading its curriculum, I understood that the programme has a focus on the European dimension of sustainable territorial development, which is a direction that would broaden my view in the field of spatial planning. Also, I am a dynamic person, I believe in life-long learning, expending my horizons all the time, and I think living, studying and working in an international environment is an experience that would make me a better professional, as well as a more complete individual. I expect to embark in a rewarding academic and personal journey, to deepen my expertise and to make long-lasting connections and friendships."

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