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Michelle Vanderschuren (The Netherlands)

"During my bachelor in “Urban and Regional Planning” at the University of Amsterdam, focus was completely on Amsterdam and on Dutch planning practice. I noticed that I was much more enthusiastic when examples of practices in other countries were given. I want to know more about (sustainable) planning in other countries, especially within Europe. Right from the first day of this course, that wish came true. In a couple of words we have learned a lot about planning practices in many European countries, and I now also have a much better understanding of the European Union and the role this institution plays in national planning practices.

There are some other big plusses in this course. First of all, I absolutely love the international group of students. It is very interesting to meet people with so many different backgrounds, experiences and cultures. Further, I am really looking forward to the prospective of being able to study abroad again. I love travelling and getting to know and understand practices in other countries, and combining your study with travelling is absolutely the best way to do this!"

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