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Li Zheng (China)

"The Planet Europe program aims at training European spatial planners in a context of international policy and cross-cultural communication, which quite matches my interest because it can give mean excellent chance to see a broader world and act on a bigger stage.The courses offered in PE contain knowledge related to many aspects, including politics, economy, society and culture, which in my opinion is a good advantage to shape me into a qualified planner with the ability to have comprehensive thinking. Moreover, this program also provides the possibility of applying my knowledge to planning practice, which is really an assist to deepen my understanding of Europe.

Through the study in Planet Europe, I want to look closer at the EU mode, especially its strategies in spatial planning and regional economic development. Myhome country China is now facing various problems about politics, economics, culture and society in the hyper pace of growth. Thus I want to observe whether there exists any useful experience in Europe that can be selectively applied in China."

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