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Jacek Peszko (Poland)

"After a year full of new experiences, challenges, moments of great joy but also moments of doubt it is time to make some conclusions about my participation in the Planet Europe Programme.  On the one hand time flies so fast during this last year. I can easily remember our first days of integration in Nijmegen, then long and rough winter in Karlskrona. However these are mainly my memories as a traveller. One of the most important outcomesof the Planet Europe Programme is an enormous amount of experience I have gained not only as a student but mainly as the EU citizen! Traveling, living and studying around different European regions, cities and educational systems, as well as sharing common enjoyment and sadness with group of wonderful colleagues from all over the word was much more I could even imagine!

My current experience with an internship in Joint Technical Secretariat of the Baltic Sea Region will be a new chapter in my personal career development. 
Facing a real life problems concerning transnational cooperation and dealing with these issues in ┬┤real life is a great opportunity for me to expand my both theoretical and practical skills in European spatial planning. Additionally being part of the on-going discussion on new priorities for 2014-2020 funding period, I would be able to write my Master Thesis according to the present state of the art."