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Carolina Ramos (Colombia)

"When I was in my first semester of my Bachelor on Civil Engineering, I saw this video about The Netherlands in which was explained how they managed to change the cars for bicycles. For me, that was the perfect example of what a successful spatial planning must look like and function. After I finished my university I got involved in different projects in transport planning and environment in Colombia and Mexico. While working on those projects I realized that our culture is about buses and cars, and I remembered the video I had seen years before and I decided that I really wanted to experience what a sustainable planning was. I decided toapply forPLANET Europe Master,because it is the best way to enhance my knowledge in spatial planning and environmental topics so that I can apply them to future projects not only in Colombia but also in other developing countries. Besides, it is a unique opportunity to study with people from all around the world and know different cultures. So I’m really happy that I got accepted and I’m really looking forward for my next two years!"

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