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Anna Popova (Russia)

"My decision comes from various reasons, among which there are two main ones. First of all, this Master Program is extremely suitable with my skills, my interest as well as my specialization in Russia. After four and a half years studied at the University, I have acquired a solid and diversified foundation of knowledge in urban studies. For last three years I have been successfully participating in the annual internships in the Institute for Urban Economics. This experience has equipped me with in-depth and integrating knowledge about local development, housing and utility sectors and territorial planning.

The second reason for my choice origins from the well-known reputation of European programs for regional and development and cities’ economy recovery. The Planet Europe Master program is very meaningful to me. It will offer me new aspects of urban studies such as spatial planning and environmental policies in which issues will be considered in relation to economic, political and social sides.

In my country today many cities and towns are grappling with traffic gridlock, housing shortages, pollution. Nevertheless, they need to be able to address challenges not only to their economic performance but also to the quality of life experienced by their citizens. By taking part in the Master Program, I hope for finding new effective solutions to deal with common issues of Russian cities. Finally, to be honest, making ecologically friendly cities is my great ambition.

I strongly desire that after finishing the Planet Europe Master Program, by the knowledge and experience gained, I will contribute myself to the cause of regional development and environmental protection."

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