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Alberto Giacometti (Ecuador)

"When I decided to apply to the PLANET Europe Masters programme, I did so by focusing on three main aspects: the academic, professional and personal experiences. I believe that the way the programme is organized will allow me to enrich my academic skills, especially by the fact that I will be receiving lectures in two different universities, and in two countries. In addition to that I will be in a highly international environment and surrounded by people with a wide different professional backgrounds. Secondly, in the context of my professional growth I believe working experience in the field is essential, and I expect the internship that I will be doing in my third semester to give me that experience and also will allow me to make contacts with people in my profession. Finally, I expect this opportunity to contribute to my personal life, to meet people from different nationalities, cultures and with different points of view; and to discover new countries, and cultures and so on."

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