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Viktoriya Dozhdeva (Russia)

"I majored in “Regional Studies”, which is a broad area of scientific knowledge. My particular interest was always pointed at studying the spatial development organisation of the EU, which I consider to be the most interesting model and a bright example of successful management of an extremely complex territory. In this context I see the Programme as allowing me to study more profoundly territorial development experience of the EU and that of various European countries, comprehend differences in their spatial organisation and to understand how certain peculiarities influence the implementation of spatially-oriented policies. In addition, it would let me understand how spatial planners can better take into account these peculiarities in order to adjust territorial development policies to particular conditions, at the same time promoting better cooperation and coherence between European regions. My special interest lies in how EU regions interact in the sphere of spatial development, so I find the issue of cross-border, interregional and transnational cooperation particularly interesting. Therefore my primary goals include achieving better grasp of these issues, analyzing how other regions of the world can learn from EU experience, and, finally, being able to apply the knowledge in a highly-competent manner in professional activity. I believe that it is the Planet Europe Programme that gives the best opportunities for achieving these goals; moreover, what I appreciate so much is its international character that encourages broad intercultural dialogue and prepares for work in spatially-related field where skills of intercultural communication are crucial. The opportunities that the Programme gives (studying at several universities with international reputation and rich scientific basis in spatial planning; taking into account personal interests for carrying out tasks and undergoing professional practice, etc.) are truly exceptional. Finally, I hope not only to benefit from participation myself, but to contribute substantially to our common work, exchange and research in the coming years."

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