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Sıla Özkavaf (Turkey)

"My expectation concerning  to PLANET EUROPE Program is, it will, hopefully, help me  to answer  the question of whether  there is a way of living in this world  which is sustainable and compatible with nature.  This question on the basic level, orients me to the  two important motives in my life.  First, it leads me to change my personal habits into more naturally concerned and non-materiallistic way. The latter one is, since I am an urban planner, is about my aim in this profession.  My main aim is to gain more knowledge in the field of Spatial Planning, Environmental Policy and Sustainability so as to use this knowledge in a way that might help to the spatial practices  in countries  where environmental and  planning concerns still are regarded as minor issues. This program will bring me an insight about planning and environmental issues and help me to learn good practices not only  in European level but also in global level. I would like to continue my development with trying to be an academia,  to share and learn more and to educate people to maintain the awareness about  basically all environmental concerns in spatial planning. In my point of view,  “planning education” is a kind of ethical education that has to be taken seriously because what  planners dealing with are multi-dimensional  human settlements."

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