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Patricia Maria Pechini Bento (Brazil)

"I am an architect and a graduate of Urban Planning at the Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) and I am from São Paulo, Brazil. After I graduated, I worked for the São Paulo State Government for three years in the Agency of Culture at the Historic Heritage Preservation Unit. This first eye-opening contact with regional planning mixed with a lack of resources stimulated my interest for spatial, social and environmental development. My professional and academic experience has provided me with a strong working knowledge of spatial planning, public policies and urban management in Brazil. The Planet Europe Master Course will allow me to simultaneously expose and discuss my professional practice in a developing country and to make a deep approach with the most recent concepts implemented in the context of developed countries, allowing me to trace comparative studies between these realities. The international cooperation approach that the Planet Europe Master Course offers is nowadays an issue highly demanded from spatial planners, additionally, it will allow me to work with multicultural teams from different backgrounds, a feature increasingly required in a globalized world. Moreover, these studies will provide me with a global vision and I will be able to contribute to a long-lasting development not only of my country, but also of the planet as a socially engaged professional. Finally, this Master is an exclusive opportunity to connect my previous academic and professional experience to my strong will to overcome the challenges of spatial planning in the cities from the developing world."

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