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Feilim O'Connor (Ireland)

After year 1:

"I found the Planet Europe course to be one that will be extremely beneficial for some people but not all. In my opinion the course was more orientated towards aspiring policy makers than aspiring planners, the emphasis being strongly on policy. Furthermore, after one year I saw less emphasis on ‘addressing economic, environmental and spatial challenges in an international perspective’ but more of an academic focus on the cultural, historical and political difficulties to date in these areas. This was in a very European perspective, albeit with international classmates. 

I’ve made some brilliant friendships with great people that I’m sure will last for life and would love to have spent both semesters all together as one class. 

I’m currently looking forward to starting my internship and gaining practical experience before meeting them all again in January." 



"I choose Planet Europe for many reasons but mainly due to the subjects it offered and the places I would get to travel to. Both Sweden and Netherlands have excellent reputations for planning and the environment - at least far exceeding my home country - so it was an obvious choice for me. I had studied abroad before on Erasmus and ever since then I wanted to continue my studies in a new setting. The mix of people is also a big incentive to choose the course over others. I find that it's a great way to learn about the wider world considering it's impossible to get around to everywhere. Three weeks in and the course is brilliant; hopefully it will continue that way." 

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