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Fabi van Berkel (the Netherlands)

"The first year of Erasmus Mundus has been very turbulent. As the first cohort you deal with issues that excess the normal procedure, which can make the program even more intense. While this has led to some ups and downs, I can surely say that I have learned a lot about studying in an international context and dealing with complex theoretical and practical spatial and environmental challenges. Next to this I also learned a lot about myself, my motives to accomplish things and the way I do this. In a group were critical minds from different backgrounds are forced to work together, discussions can get quite heated and cooperation can be difficult. But in the end, this lead to interesting and creative ideas and most important good friends. I think being part of an exchange program is for many a challenge, but should definitely be considered as a great value for academic, personal and also social development. For me the first year of the Planet Europe program has been very enriching and I am very eager to start my internship and the final year of my studies."

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