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Welcome to PLANET Europe



The application procedure for PLANET Europe has changed: please visit www.ru.nl/masters/pe for information on the application procedure and to start your application.

PLANET Europe is a two-year (120 ECs) Masters programme f
or aspiring planners wishing to address economic, environmental and spatial challenges in an international perspective.

The curriculum of PLANET Europe integrates study in at least two universities (Nijmegen and Cardiff in semesters 1 and 2) and different countries (depending on the chosen location during semesters 3 and 4). The programme combines academic study with professional experience and independent research. In your studies, you will focus on processes and outcomes of EU policy-making of relevance to spatial and environmental planning and economic development; on governance and institutional analyses of spatial planning planning in a comparative perspective; and you learn how planners can engage with the international dimension of their work.

Click here for more information about the curriculum.



Programme news


  • A new cohort arrives in Nijmegen!                                                 
  • At the end of August a new Planet Europe cohort started in Nijmegen! A very enthusiatic and motivated group as they learned about the Radboud University during the NSM welcome day. Their testimonials and expectations on the program will be published on this website in the coming weeks!
  • PLANET Europe wins Radboud University Internationalisation Award 2015! In 2015 the Internationalisation Award of Radboud University was this year presented jointly to the Erasmus Mundus Masters programmes PLANET Europe and EMSD in Nijmegen School of Management. The award is handed out yearly to initiatives that have made a significant contribution to the international profile of Radboud University. The Erasmus Mundus programmes were praised by the jury for their structural contribution to the internationalisation of higher education and for setting a leading example in the creation of international programmes at Radboud university.                   
  • External quality review recognises PLANET Europe as 'an ambitious and well-designed Programme at the forefront of social science analyses of European spatial planning and sustainable development'
    A recent external quality review of PLANET Europe notes that 'the Programme is an excellent example of Master-level teaching and assessing in the field of planning and environment/sustainable development.'
    The external examiner to Cardiff University,  Dr. Petr Jehlička of the Open University, recognised also the diversity of assessment approaches which support the high quality of teaching and learning. He highlighted that 'the combination of individual and team work and the mix of conceptual and a more practically oriented assessments are one the Programme’s main assets. They equip students with transferable skills necessary for employment such as dealing with complex issues and problem solving'. 
  • The Masters thesis of PLANET Europe cohort 1 and cohort 2 graduates are now online. Click here to see the range of topics which our students have researched!
  • Academic scholars are invited to apply for an Erasmus+: Erasmus Mundus scholarship to contribute to our programme. Click here for the application details. 


News from our students and alumni

  • Congratulations to our PLANET Europe students who will graduate this summer (2015), on their new jobs: 
    Iuliia Kauk has been offered a position as Project Officer at the Interreg South Baltic cross-border cooperation programme 2014-2020. Yongping Zhang has received a scholarship from the China Scholarship Council to undertake PhD research at the Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), University College London (UCL). Timothy Anderson is now working as Research Assistant at Nordregio (Stockholm) on residential segregation in the Nordic capital cities. Pieter Louwers is now a finance assistant at Interreg 4/5A 2 Seas, Zeeën Mers. Li Zheng is involved in planning management work in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, the third economical zone in China. Can Gölgelioğlu now holds a PhD position at Middle East Technical University and is a teaching assistant at Cankaya University for the City and Regional Planning department.  He is giving lectures on comprehensive planning and programming courses relation to urban design and GIS. 
  • Congratulations to our Planet Europe alumni (graduated summer 2014) on their recent professional achievements
    Sun Qi was invited to give a presentation based on her MSc thesis research at the Velo-city conference in France (June 2015). Mario Sánchez Brox is now working as European projects consultant at the Fundación Equipo Humano, in Valencia, Spain. Feilim O'Connor now works at DG Energy at the European Commission, focussing on smart cities and communities as well as renewable energy technologies. Sesil Dikris Turker is now a sustainability developer at H&M. 


EMSD and PLANET Europe receive RU Internationalisation Award 2015.